The Best Vegan Tanning Products For A Bronzed Glow

best vegan fake tan

Whether you’re a full-fledged vegan or are just giving it a try this Veganuary, we’ve got all of your tanning vegan beauty products covered. From gradual tinted lotions to long‐lasting bronzing mousses, we offer the vegan fake tan you need to achieve your desired sunkissed radiance, effortlessly.

The best vegan fake tan

About these vegan fake tans

1. An express glow that lasts

best vegan fake tan st tropez express bronzing mousse

If you want a golden tan that lasts and doesn’t compromise on quality, then our multi award-winning 3‐in‐1 Express Tanning Mousse is the best vegan fake tan for you. You just apply it onto your skin using our Applicator Mitt, then control the depth of your tan when you shower it off. We’d recommend waiting 1 hour for a light tan, 2 hours for a medium golden bronze, and 3 hours for a deep dark tan.

Why you’ll glow with confidence:

  • You can personalise your tan, with a light, medium or dark finish
  • It creates fast, foolproof results that last all week
  • Its formula is quick‐drying, non‐sticky, and fades evenly
  • It is 100% clean, vegan‐friendly, and formulated with natural tanning actives

2. A no rinse tan in just 3 hours

best vegan fake tan st tropez purity water gel

For those of you who don’t have time to wait to take a shower but still want to build a tan that lasts, we’d suggest our Self Tan Purity Bronzing Water Gel. Clear and lightweight, this refreshing, nonstick, and fast‐absorbing self tanner develops into a natural medium glow in just 3 hours. There’s no need to rinse it off and it won’t transfer onto your clothes!

We’d recommend it because:

  • It is easy to apply thanks to the new gel‐to‐water formula, and our Applicator Mitt creates a streak‐free finish you’ll love!
  • It provides up to 72 hours of hydration
  • It’s tropically scented, you don’t need to rinse it off and it won’t transfer
  • Infused with Hyaluronic Acid, it plumps, regenerates, and protects your skin
  • It has a 100% clean, vegan‐friendly formula that is infused with natural skincare actives

3. A gradual tan for soft, sunkissed skin

vegan self tan

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Looking for the best vegan fake tan that doubles as a daily moisturiser? Then opt for our Gradual Tan Tinted Everyday Body Lotion. The tinted, hydrating formula instantly gives your skin an illuminated bronzed glow that develops over the next 4 to 8 hours, whilst also leaving your body feeling soft and radiant.

What are the benefits?

  • It gives a sunkissed glow from day 1 that you can build by re‐applying daily
  • Its formula is quick‐drying and provides up to 48 hours hydration, with no self tan smell
  • It’s easy to apply and fades evenly
  • It is 100% clean, vegan friendly and formulated with natural tanning actives

4. An instant glow without the commitment

vegan self tan

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Of course, if you just have a special event to go to and want a short‐term solution, then our Instant Tan Light/Medium Lotion is the best vegan fake tan for your glow‐getting needs. For a stunning bronzed look, simply apply it onto your body (or wherever you want that kissed by the sun look!) using our Mitt Applicator and it will act as body makeup, creating a natural tan that lasts for up to 24 hours.

Why you’ll love it:

  • It creates a natural‐looking, golden, streak‐free finish
  • Thanks to our mitt, it is really easy to apply without staining your hands or missing patches
  • You can effortlessly remove it using just soap and water
  • You can build up the colour by applying multiple layers or mix it with your moisturiser for a delicate hint of tint
  • It is 100% clean and vegan‐friendly with no self tan smell

Simply opt for either our Light/Medium or Medium/Dark shade to build the tone that works for you.

You can explore more of the best vegan fake tan on our website or find out more about the best fake tan for your face.

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