St.Tropez Tan Review: Why We’re Globally Loved

St.Tropez Tan Review: Why We’re Globally Loved

Deciding whether or not you should start fake tanning? Or wondering if you should trade in your current self tanner for a St.Tropez one? We think so! But don’t let our biased opinion sway you. These St.Tropez reviews speak for themselves …

St.Tropez Express Tan review: ‘It’s like magic in a bottle’

Our most advanced, multi-award-winning 3-in-1 Express Bronzing Mousse allows you to control the depth of your tan for a natural-looking, streak-free and long-lasting finish. It’s no surprise that it has had so many rave reviews!

“My favorite tan ever 💕💕”

@anna.louise.ig’s St.Tropez review


This express mousse makes it even easier to personalise your glow. Apply it with an Applicator Mitt, then wait just 1 hour before showering for a light tan, 2 hours for a medium golden bronze, or 3 hours for a deep, dark tan. For fast, fool-proof results, you won’t find anything better.

St.Tropez Purity Bronzing Waters review: ‘What’s not to love?’

A revolution when they first came onto the market, our easy-to-use tanning waters were a sell-out when they launched – and their popularity hasn’t faltered since.

“I just bought the Self Tan Face Mist and I am loving it! Same great smell and my tan looks so natural.”

@aquagirlh2o’s St.Tropez review


The whole range is infused with Green Mandarin to refresh and revive your skin, Hyaluronic Acid for a quick hydration boost, and Hibiscus Extract to protect your skin from pollution. Choose between the gel and mousse to tan your body, then spritz your face with the mist for a radiant complexion. With no streaks, no transfer and no self tan smell, it doesn’t get much better than this!

St.Tropez Purity Vitamins Range review: ‘It will make you feel a million times better’

Offering the same no transfer, clear formula as the Purity range, but with the added benefits of Vitamin C and D boosters, we knew avid tanners would fall head over heels for the Purity Vitamins collection.

⁣”Every woman (that I know) has their ‘comfort blanket’. Mine is and always has been a tan. ⁣If I’m having a💩 day and put my @sttropeztan on, I will feel a million times better!👑”

@victorianiamh’s St.Tropez review


Both the Body Mist and Face Serum are infused with hydrating Hyaluronic Acid, refreshing Green Mandarin Water and Vitamin C and D boosters. Not only do they give you a medium golden tan in as little as 4 hours, but they hydrate and nourish your skin too. It’s the ultimate tanning-skincare combo!

St.Tropez Classic Mousse review: ‘It still takes the cake’

Our most iconic, fool-proof and natural-looking tan, the Classic Bronzing Mousse holds a special place in our hearts – and we’re so glad that, after all these years, it’s still a staple favourite among glow getters out there.

“In my exploration of the most natural-looking self-tanner, St.Tropez definitely takes the cake! It blends so beautifully, leaves my skin SUPER soft, and the guide colour is super natural-looking so I don’t feel like I have to lock myself up for 8 hours until it’s developed!”

@midsizemagpie’s St.Tropez review


The multi-award-winning foam formula is really easy to apply (just use our Applicator Mitt for a streak-free finish) and adapts to your skin tone to create a medium golden tan in as little as 4 hours. It also boasts hydrating Jojoba and skincare actives to prolong your tan for up to 10 days. For trusted results time and time again, you just can’t beat it.

Have you been convinced to try our products after reading these reviews? Head to our website to build your St.Tropez tanning routine.

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