Purity Vitamins Range: Meet Our Vitamin Enriched Tan

Mar 22, 2020 | Products

Introducing our NEW and most natural tans yet, the St.Tropez purity vitamins range! These water-based textures are powered by vitamins and infused with natural skincare actives to instantly brighten, hydrate and illuminate your skin, leaving you with a medium golden glow.

St.Tropez Purity Vitamins range: Tanning meets skincare

Looking for a new fake tan to add to your skincare routine? We’re always looking at ways to up the tanning game and we’ve done just that with our NEW Self Tan Purity Vitamins Body Mist and Face Serum. They contain all the benefits of our beloved Purity Waters collection, with no transfer, no need to rinse and your favourite tropical scent. We’ve also infused these new tanning waters with active skincare ingredients so your tan will glow for longer, while giving you all the skincare benefits!


The sunshine complex

We know a tan isn’t just about how it makes you look, it’s about how it makes you feel too! We love the feeling sunshine gives us and we wanted to replicate that feeling with our latest tans.

That’s why our Purity Vitamin tanning waters are developed with technology that mimics the benefits of sunshine – stimulating the production of Vitamin D and giving you that feel-good factor, without the harmful effects of UV rays!

Our most natural tans yet

Formulated with up to 95% natural skincare ingredients and infused with Vitamin C&D boosters, this duo is comprised of our most natural tans yet!

St. Tropez Purity Vitamins Range

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These formulas are bursting with all the goodness your skin loves – Hyaluronic Acid, Green Mandarin Water, Hibiscus and Peach Flower Extract. You can enjoy a long-lasting, sunkissed glow and protection from environmental stressors. Trust us, your skin will love these products as much as you do!

What do these natural ingredients do for your skin?

  • Always wanted a tan that lasts longer? Vitamin C improves skin tone for a brighter, more even tan that lasts for days
  • Powerful antioxidant ingredients protect and hydrate the skin for a streak-free, flawless finish
  • Hyaluronic Acid increases the skin’s elasticity, leaving the surface beautifully smooth

Look good, feel good, do good.

  • 100% clean and vegan-friendly
  • 100% recyclable bottles, made from recycled plastic
  • Made with 95% natural tanning actives
  • Kind to your skin, kind to our planet


St.Tropez Purity Vitamins range reviews

“Amazing looking natural tan to the face, it looks like I’ve been on holiday!” Tara, St Tropez customer

“One of the best tans I’ve ever used on my face. It feels like a higher quality product.” Toyah, St Tropez customer

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