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How To Fake Tan Your Hands

how to fake tan your hands

Tired of tanning your body and being left with hands that look too dark or patchy? Don’t worry! We show you how to fake tan your hands with this simple step-by-step…

How to fake tan your hands

How To Fake Tan Your Hands

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Step 1: Exfoliating

First things first, exfoliation is key! You’ve probably heard this a million times, but it really is essential to prep and prime the skin before you tan. This will get rid of any dead skin cells and remove any old fake tan (if you’re one of the weekly tanners!).

If you need to get rid of old fake tan, try our Tan Remover Mousse. This mousse is suitable for sensitive skin and removes even the darkest of tans – simply apply and wait 5 minutes before rinsing off. It will also help your fresh layer of tan last longer.

Step 2: Moisturising

Hands tend to get particularity dry due to frequent washing, so we need to give them some extra TLC. Make sure you lightly moisturise your hands with our Tan Enhancing Moisturiser before you apply any tan, paying attention to the knuckles and the palms of the hands to stop tan clinging to any dry areas. One of the most tell-tale signs of a self-tan is darkened knuckles, moisturiser hydrates the skin and prevents this build-up.

Top Tip: Try to avoid oil-based moisturisers as these can break down your tan quicker, and you’ll want your new tan to last as long as possible!

Step 3: Applying tan

Tanning your hands doesn’t need to be difficult. Just follow our fool-proof tips to nail your glow!

  1. Remove any jewellery and always tan the hands last using the leftover product from your tanning mitt.  Trust us – it’s enough!
  2. Make sure your hand is positioned in a claw-like-shape in order to reach the sides of your fingers. Just imagine you’re holding a tennis ball as you apply! Lightly rub around hand and down each finger.
  3. Alternate the shape of your hands from clawing to straightening your fingers, this will make sure you are getting in all the creases.
  4. Gently wipe your nails and cuticles after applying your tan to ensure there is no excess (and to make your tan more believable!).

Application tips from our experts

If you’re still nervous to tan your hands, don’t panic. Celebrity Facialist & Tanning Expert, Michaella Bolder has two more tips!

  • Worried about blending? Try applying your tan with a make-up brush, this will give you some more control to be able to follow the creases of your hands
  • Not confident you’ll end up with a flawless application? Simply spritz Purity Face Mist or Purity Vitamins Body Mist over your hands in downward motions. These mists have a powder-soft finish and distribute evenly, so you won’t need to blend.

Fixing mistakes

Practice makes perfect with tanning but if you do make a mistake – don’t worry. While applying tan can sound scary, there is always a solution should anything go wrong.

Missed a bit? Simply apply more tan over the top, layering the areas around it too so it blends.

Want to remove a mistake? Use our Tan Remover Mousse on any areas you need to correct, as it removes all traces of tan from day 1-5! And that includes even the darkest of tans.  Just simply apply the mousse, leave up to 5 minutes and wash your tan away.

Stubborn tan not budging? Grab our Tan Remover Mitt and while applying a little pressure, work in circular motions on the area you want to remove the tan from.

And that’s how to fake tan your hands!

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