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How Long Does Fake Tan Last?

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Whether you’ve never fake tanned before or do it as part of your weekly routine, you no doubt want your tan to last as long as possible. Luckily for you, with good preparation and careful application, self tanner can last up to 10 days. Keep reading to find the best products for a long-lasting, radiant glow and learn how to maintain your tan. 

Choosing the best fake tan

If you’re looking for a fake tan that offers a long-lasting, deep tan, it’s best to opt for a self tanning mousse. They’re deeply moisturising (perfect for dry skin!) and offer an even-looking, bronzed glow with staying power.  

We recommend our all-time classic, the St.Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse. Our iconic hydrating tanning mousse lasts for up to 10 days and perfectly tailors to your skin tone for a beautiful, natural-looking medium glow. 

How to make fake tan last longer

The secret to a long-lasting tan goes beyond how you apply it. Follow these before and after tanning tips to make your tan last. 

1. Exfoliate and moisturise before applying fake tan

How well you prep the skin before applying your fake tan can make or break your glow. It’s important to exfoliate and moisturise to prevent the tan from clinging to any dry patches.  

Our top tip? Use our Tan Enhancing Body Polish and Exfoliator to create a clean canvas for your tan, then apply our Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser to particularly dry areas (knees and elbows) for a patch-free finish. 

2. Avoid bathing in hot water

Although you might love a hot bath, your tan won’t! Hot water can dry out the skin, causing it to slough away and take your golden tan with it. Avoid spending an elongated amount of time soaking (think showers, not baths) to help reduce skin shedding and keep your glow for longer. 

3. Moisturise daily

Using a daily moisturiser will keep dryness at bay, helping to prevent shedding (which, as you know, can cause your tan to disappear more quickly).  

You can use our Tan Enhancing Body Moisturiser after tanning as well as before! Not only does it leave skin feeling silky smooth, but it can prolong your tan for up to 3 days longer with even fade.  

4. Exfoliate every 3 days

To make your tan last longer, we recommend using the St.Tropez Body Polish and Exfoliator every 3 days. Exfoliating will prevent your tan from looking patchy, helping it to fade naturally and look healthier for longer.  

5. Always remove tan before reapplying

If you’re an avid glow getter, you’ll know that fake tan is best applied to a blank canvas. To avoid unwanted tan build-up and patchiness, always start your tanning process from scratch. 

Why not try the St.Tropez Tan Remover Mousse as a quick and easy way to remove existing tan? It’s infused with detoxifying Cotton Extract and Probiotics to purify, rebalance and prime the skin, ready for your next St.Tropez tan. 

To achieve a beautiful, long-lasting tan, shop the St.Tropez Classic Mousse.

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