Start The New Year With A Fresh Glow

Mar 22, 2021 | How To: Tutorials

What better way to start the new year than with a fresh glow? We talk you through the tanning essentials you need to remove your festive tan, prepare your skin for a fresh application, and achieve a gorgeous glow in 2021.

How to flaunt a fresh tan in 2021

Step 1: Remove tan

Ready to say goodbye to your much-loved festive tan? Our Fake Tan Remover Mousse and Exfoliating Fake Tan Mitt should be your go-to pairing!

Boasting a luxurious yet lightweight formula, our Fake Tan Remover Mousse is infused with a detoxifying Cotton Extract that helps to remove even the darkest of tan. It also purifies and rebalances the skin. Apply generously, then use the Exfoliating Fake Tan Mitt to buff away tan that has clung to dry patches. Leave for 5 minutes, then rinse to wash away all traces of tan.

Top Tip: For best results, start at the legs and work your way upwards using circular motions to buff away all remaining tan. 


Step 2: Apply a fresh coat

Now that you’ve learned how to remove tan with an exfoliating fake tan mitt and have created the perfect canvas, you’re ready for a fresh coat. Here’s how to get an even tan. 

how to remove tan

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The easiest way to achieve a flawless-looking tan is to start with clean, smooth skin. That’s where our Body Exfoliator comes in. Specifically designed to buff away dry skin, this exfoliator helps to even out skin tone and creates a soft, smooth canvas for your tan. Massage onto skin 24 hours prior to tanning, focusing on dry areas like the feet, ankles, elbows and knees. 



Two to three hours before applying tan, moisturise the skin with our Tan Enhancing Moisturiser. Its silky-smooth formula hydrates dry areas, preventing the skin from absorbing excess tan.


Use a fake tan mitt 

For an even, streak-free finish, always apply and blend your tanning mousses, gels and lotions with a fake tan mitt, like our Dual Sided Luxe Applicator Mitt. Ultra-soft, it glides effortlessly over the skin, evenly distributing and blending your tanPlus, its waterproof lining leaves your hands stain-free. 

  • Applying mousses and gels: Pump the self tanner onto the mitt, then use long sweeping motions to distribute the tan, before blending in circular motions. 
  • Applying lotions: Massage the tanning lotion onto the skin with your hands, then blend with the mitt to ensure an even coverage, every time.  


Choose a supercharged tan

After the excesses of the festive season, a hydrating self tanner is the perfect way to give skin its radiance back. We recommend our Purity Vitamins range. 

Rich in Hylauronic Acid and nourishing Vitamin C and D boosters, it mimics the positive effects of the sun, leaving skin hydrated with a healthy golden glow. Spritz the Body Mist onto the skin and blend using an Applicator Mitt. Then, massage the Serum onto a clean, dry face and neck. Your golden tan will develop over the next 4 to 8 hours. 


Step 3: Maintain your glow

The easiest way to maintain your sunkissed glow is to moisturise daily with our Tan Enhancing Moisturiser. Its hydrating formula reduces tan break-up and improves fade, enhancing your glow and leaving skin silky smooth.


And that’s how to get an even tan. Make way for a flawless glow in 2021! 

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